Oil and Gas

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IGas – Lybster Produced Water Treatment


The Lybster site comprises an oil well with the produced fluids undergoing separation of phases with the oil and water stored and the associated gas used for power generation and excess flared. The oil and water were removed from site via tanker movements. With a perceived increase in produced water during the well life, IGas requested Engsolve to develop a produced water treatment scheme capable of treating the stream to a specification suitable for discharge to the sea or to a local burn.

Description of Services

Engsolve initiated this study by reviewing the produced water analysis provided by IGas and producing a basis of design. In parallel, a review of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and EU Best Available Technology (BAT) regulations was completed. Engsolve then engaged with vendors of produced water treatment packages, undertook Technical Due Diligence review and bid evaluation then generated a report to recommend a preferred vendor. Engsolve also reviewed the discharge options, including directional drilling, and produced a report detailing the costs for several options.

red and silver oil pipeline that is running through a field of dry fields

East Africa (Confidential Client) – Pipeline Replacement Project


The project was to replace an existing 14” hydrocarbon products pipeline which was at the end of its design life having been installed in the 1970’s with a new 20” 450 kilometer long multiproduct pipeline, associated pump stations and above ground installations (10 in number). The pipeline transported the products to the Capital from the coast and to the countries international airport via a dedicated spur line.

 Scope of Services

Engsolve supplied pipeline commissioning expertise to the construction company’s engineering consultants to write the Philosophy, Execution Plan and Commissioning procedures, in accordance with relevant codes, standards and industry best practices, to enable the safe and complete commissioning, line fill and start up of operations.  The procedures developed were incorporated into the project Computerised Commissioning Management System enabling tracking of all documentation and sign off during the commissioning phase of the project. The Commissioning Schedule was also developed enabling the efficient allocation of resources by the construction company’s engineering consultants to be identified and allocated.