Process efficiency

Energy users must now use as little energy as is practicable. Rapidly rising energy prices emphasise the need to attain the highest levels of energy efficiency and thus achieve sustainable industrial activity.

Investigating improvements in energy integration of individual processes begin by understanding the utility systems that service the process, only then can the levers for the improvement of energy performance be established.

Engsolve brings up to date techniques to improve your energy efficiency and provide solutions that are designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Operational troubleshooting

Troubleshooting of refineries,  chemical and industrial plants is required to restore or improve on-line time and production capacity, achieve specification of product, by-products and waste streams, reduce safety hazards, improve yields, reduce consumption of utilities, auxiliary chemicals and catalysts, and meet environmental standards.


Continuous process improvement is a critical element in maintaining competitiveness of the process industries. An important category of process improvement is process debottlenecking. Engsolve will look at the overall process and consider the debottlenecking task as a process integration task which links all the design and operating degrees of freedom and exploits synergies among the units and streams to attain maximum debottlenecking.

We are happy to provide debottlenecking services for your process however large or small in order to increase output from your existing facilities at minimal cost.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is about problem solving. Problem Solving is a technique applied to business processes, products and services in order to improve quality and reduce waste. The deliverable for Six Sigma is increased revenue via loss reduction and market expansion. Essentially: Six Sigma = Competitive advantage.  We can help clients utilise the tools within Six Sigma to manage change, find final solutions to ongoing problems and develop a plan to meet their company goals.

Lean tools

We can utilise Lean principles to be used to reduce inefficiency and waste in all departments and functions of an organisation.  Lean thinking and principles have been used in the manufacturing sector for many years and have, in some cases, produced impressive reductions in cost, delivery times and management processes.