Project Controls

Cost estimating

We understand the complex nature and types of industrial and engineering projects and the extent to which the various elements can impact on each other both in terms of cost and time. We appreciate the current challenges facing industrial companies, particularly those posted by emerging markets as well as environmental issues.

Cost management and reporting

Our understanding of the fundamentals of project cost control allows us to establish and maintain a rigorous process of estimation, agreement and approval of costs throughout the project lifecycle.  Regular reviews of the project status combined with a process of advance warnings allow the generation of detailed and informative project reports.

Through the use of work breakdown structures or standardised codes of account, each project can be split into the main heads of cost.  We also recognise that organisations may utilise their own accounting structure and as such we are able to tailor our cost reporting procedures to report against pre-defined accounting codes.

Using our Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Chartered staff, we are also able to offer the full complement of Quantity Surveying and Employer’s Agent services including the valuation and certification of interim payments together with all other pre and post contract activities.

Project scheduling

With an in depth-understanding of the design and construction process we are well placed to offer project scheduling services.  Using tried and tested scheduling methods we are able to generate, maintain and report against project performance in terms of resources and cost using a structured work breakdown structure tailored to suit the needs of each project.