a group of nitrogen gas canisters lined up in front of corrugated iron

Confidential Client – Paper Mill Natural gas lines


A major Paper Making Company were undertaking a “dead -leg” review of the natural gas lines at their papermaking facility in the UK. During this review some perceived issues with the incoming natural gas line to the paper making machine hoods and the on-site CHP were raised. Engsolve were asked to review the output of their audit and the actions generated, undertake our own survey of the lines and provide any required calculations and recommendations along with undertaking a DSEAR review and up-dating the facility P&IDs.

Description of Services

Engsolve undertook a site survey of the natural gas lines, prior to reading the sites own survey and observations. The Engsolve survey was then compared with the sites own survey and any gaps / inconsistencies were investigated. An action plan was then put in place to mitigate the issues noted. The work resulted in several dead legs being identified and removed, liaison with the Grid Gas provider as to the protection of the incoming main, in addition several procedures were developed for the client to close gaps in their current systems.

In addition, a DSEAR review was undertaken and a report with recommended actions along with a Hazardous area classification schedule was produced.